Breathe Easy

We help you Breathe Easy by management of your controlled air environments and assets. From Conception and design to management, servicing and decommissioning.

Who we are

We are an accredited company specialising in supporting semiconductor, pharmaceutical, healthcare and HVAC facilities to manage, maintain and certify critical assets and controlled environments.

Our team are industry-leading experts who implicitly understand the risks you manage each day. It’s in our DNA.

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards while completing various services for our clients. In addition to our ISO 17025 accreditation, we remain committed to industry partnerships and the sustainable environments we manage for clients across multiple sectors.

What We Believe In

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    Breathe Easy

    Breathe Easy is our core philosophy and the force behind everything we do for you. We want to manage your risk so that you can Breathe Easy.

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    We believe in providing the highest of quality in standards, with the utmost accuracy. We work with you to ensure your success within your organisation.

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    We’re Local

    We believe everyone deserves local support. SGP and our Partners are located all around Australia. Book a discovery call with us and find out if we can support you, locally.

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